Our story began in 1995 when two of our principal craftsmen joined forces to bring their shared passion for woodworking into reality.  Since then, Windsor AR INC has grown substantially, increasing the number of professionally trained staff to implement state-of-the-art technology in custom built furniture, antique restoration and general contracting. Our updated facility has enabled us to take on more contracts simultaneously without sacrificing our commitment to quality and punctuality. By combining our professionalism and experience with the latest technology, we can efficiently produce traditional, vintage, retro, contemporary or modern items with a high-end finish. We have developed close relationships with well-known architects, historic preservation agencies, civil engineering companies and private contractors to execute our client’s needs. Our mission provides practical and technical support to create and manage architectural projects and advise on minimizing the costs of materials. We can also help visualize finalized orders by using detailed 3D technology visualization. Our reliable team members can help with a variety of projects, from the small kitchen to large-scale general contracting roles. Our made-to-order pieces can be found in consulates, corporate offices, spas, high-end stores and churches within five boroughs of New York City. If you have a unique design vision, idea or a challenge, please contact one of our consultants and bring your dream into reality.